Moorvale Earthmoving actively seeks to develop and maintain  relationships with the communities in which we work, and to make a meaningful contribution to these communities.

We are a rural family owned company based near small rural communities and slightly larger mining communities. Hence we fully understand the need to maintain our rural communities to support the families who devote their life to living and working in those communities.

There are many ways in which we aim to make these contributions ranging from making every attempt to employ local community members on our projects where this is possible, through to participating in community activities and making donations to various community and sporting groups in our local communities.  We believe that we can assist our local communities by contributing to both the economic and social well being of community members by ensuring that our business and our people make every effort to assist these communities to achieve their aims and meet their social goals/agendas.

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Moorvale Earthmoving has been working with the Queensland Police for their Road Safety Project.

Actively contributing to the wider community and local businesses

We also actively contribute to wider projects that our clients may be undertaking in their own communities and wider rural communities, including such projects as tree planting on land that Moorvale Earthmoving has rehabilitated for our clients.

Where it is possible, we endeavor to support local businesses in the rural communities around which we work, through purchasing from local businesses.

To ensure that any contributions we make are in keeping with a community’s desires, we seek to ensure that the community has a good understanding of what our business does in that community and we understand the outcomes that community is seeking.

Moorvale Earthmoving encourages all management and employees to understand that the responsibility for good community relationships is integrated and embedded into everything that we do.